The code below is the source for this graph.

// EmptyGraph
require_once 'SVGGraph/autoloader.php';

$settings = [
  'auto_fit' => true,
  'back_colour' => '#eee',
  'back_stroke_width' => 0,
  'back_stroke_colour' => '#eee',
  'label' => ['cx', 'cy', 'There is an EmptyGraph here'],

$width = 670;
$height = 200;
$type = 'EmptyGraph';
$graph = new Goat1000\SVGGraph\SVGGraph($width, $height, $settings);


Please note: the source code above comes from a script used to generate one of the example graphs on the site. This is simply a wrapper page to apply highlighting and make the source code easier to read, so there is no content here to describe what the source code is doing.

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