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This page lists all the options currently available for use in the SVGGraph constructor's $settings array. The lists of graph types and tags can be used to filter the list of options, and each option name is a link to a page with further details about the option.

Graph type support: ArrayGraph Bar3DGraph BarAndLineGraph BarGraph BoxAndWhiskerGraph BubbleGraph CandlestickGraph CylinderGraph Donut3DGraph DonutGraph EmptyGraph ExplodedDonut3DGraph ExplodedDonutGraph ExplodedPie3DGraph ExplodedPieGraph ExplodedSemiDonut3DGraph ExplodedSemiDonutGraph FloatingBarGraph GanttChart GroupedBar3DGraph GroupedBarGraph GroupedCylinderGraph Histogram HorizontalBar3DGraph HorizontalBarGraph HorizontalFloatingBarGraph HorizontalGroupedBar3DGraph HorizontalGroupedBarGraph HorizontalStackedBar3DGraph HorizontalStackedBarGraph LineGraph MultiLineGraph MultiRadarGraph MultiScatterGraph MultiSteppedLineGraph Pie3DGraph PieGraph PolarArea3DGraph PolarAreaGraph PopulationPyramid RadarGraph ScatterGraph SemiDonut3DGraph SemiDonutGraph StackedBar3DGraph StackedBarAndLineGraph StackedBarGraph StackedCylinderGraph StackedGroupedBar3DGraph StackedGroupedBarGraph StackedGroupedCylinderGraph StackedLineGraph SteppedLineGraph

Tags: 3D average axis background bar best-fit border bubble callback compatibility context-menu crosshairs data-label datetime deprecated donut figure filter font gantt global grid grouped guideline histogram image javascript label legend line magnify marker metadata milestone multi-axis opacity padding pie radar scatter shadow shape stacked structure subgraph target text title tooltip trend

460 options supported by graph type SteppedLineGraph:

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Option Default Summary
auto_fit false Enables automatic scaling of the SVG document.
average_above false Places average lines above or below graph details.
average_colour "fillColour" Sets the colour of average lines.
average_dash "8,2" Sets the dash pattern for average lines.
average_font "Arial" Sets the font for average line titles.
average_font_adjust 0.6 Sets the font adjustment value for average line titles.
average_font_size 10 Sets the font size for average line titles.
average_font_weight "normal" Sets the font weight for average line titles.
average_length null Sets the length of average lines in pixels.
average_length_units null Sets the length of average lines in grid units.
average_opacity 1 Sets the opacity of average lines.
average_stroke_width 2 Sets the width of average lines.
average_title null Sets the title for average lines.
average_title_align null Aligns average line titles.
average_title_angle 0 Sets the angle of average line title text.
average_title_callback null Sets the title for average lines using a callback function.
average_title_colour null Sets the colour of the average line titles.
average_title_opacity null Sets the opacity of the average line titles.
average_title_padding 3 Sets the amount of padding around average line titles.
average_title_position "inside top right" Sets the position of the average line titles.
axis_colour "rgb(0,0,0)" Colour of axis lines and text.
axis_colour_h NULL Colour of horizontal axis.
axis_colour_v NULL Colour of vertical axis.
axis_double_x false Enables display of X axis at both sides of graph.
axis_double_y false Enables display of Y axis at both sides of graph.
axis_extend_bottom null Extends the bottom end of horizontal axes.
axis_extend_left null Extends the left side of horizontal axes.
axis_extend_right null Extends the right side of horizontal axes.
axis_extend_top null Extends the top end of horizontal axes.
axis_fallback_max 1 Sets a fallback value for the axis maximum when the graph contains all zero values.
axis_font "Courier New" Font for axis division labels.
axis_font_adjust 0.6 Font aspect ratio of axis division text.
axis_font_adjust_h NULL Font aspect ratio of horizontal axis division text.
axis_font_adjust_v NULL Font aspect ratio of vertical axis division text.
axis_font_h NULL Font for horizontal axis division labels.
axis_font_size 10 Font size for axis division labels.
axis_font_size_h NULL Font size for horizontal axis division labels.
axis_font_size_v NULL Font size for vertical axis division labels.
axis_font_v NULL Font for vertical axis division labels.
axis_font_weight "normal" Font weight for axis division labels.
axis_font_weight_h null Font weight for horizontal axis division labels.
axis_font_weight_v null Font weight for vertical axis division labels.
axis_label_position 0.5 Sets position of axis label as a fraction of the axis length.
axis_label_position_h null Sets position of horizontal axis label as a fraction of the axis length.
axis_label_position_v null Sets position of vertical axis label as a fraction of the axis length.
axis_levels_h null Sets the number of levels of horizontal axis division labels.
axis_levels_v null Sets the number of levels of vertical axis division labels.
axis_max_h NULL Maximum value for horizontal axis.
axis_max_v NULL Maximum value for vertical axis.
axis_min_h NULL Minimum value for horizontal axis.
axis_min_v NULL Minimum value for vertical axis.
axis_overlap 5 Distance axes extend past grid.
axis_pad_bottom 0 Inserts space between bottom axis and grid area.
axis_pad_left 0 Inserts space between left axis and grid area.
axis_pad_right 0 Inserts space between right axis and grid area.
axis_pad_top 0 Inserts space between top axis and grid area.
axis_right false Enables axis on right of grid.
axis_stroke_width 2 Width of axis lines.
axis_stroke_width_h NULL Width of horizontal axis line.
axis_stroke_width_v NULL Width of vertical axis line.
axis_text_align null Sets the text alignment for axis division labels.
axis_text_align_h null Sets the text alignment for horizontal axis division labels.
axis_text_align_v null Sets the text alignment for vertical axis division labels.
axis_text_angle_h 0 Angle of horizontal axis division text.
axis_text_angle_v 0 Angle of vertical axis division text.
axis_text_back_colour null Background colour for axis division labels.
axis_text_back_colour_h null Background colour for horizontal axis division labels.
axis_text_back_colour_v null Background colour for vertical axis division labels.
axis_text_callback NULL Callback function for axis division text labels.
axis_text_callback_x NULL Callback function for X axis division text labels.
axis_text_callback_y NULL Callback function for Y axis division text labels.
axis_text_colour NULL Colour of axis division labels.
axis_text_colour_h NULL Colour of horizontal axis division labels.
axis_text_colour_v NULL Colour of vertical axis division labels.
axis_text_line_spacing null Sets line spacing for axis division labels.
axis_text_line_spacing_h null Sets line spacing for horizontal axis division labels.
axis_text_line_spacing_v null Sets line spacing for vertical axis division labels.
axis_text_location "grid" Position of axis text when graph contains negative numbers.
axis_text_location_h null Position of horizontal axis text when graph contains negative numbers.
axis_text_location_v null Position of vertical axis text when graph contains negative numbers.
axis_text_position "outside" Position of axis division text labels.
axis_text_position_h NULL Position of horizontal axis division text labels.
axis_text_position_v NULL Position of vertical axis division text labels.
axis_text_space 2 Space between axis division text and axis.
axis_text_space_h NULL Space between horizontal axis division text and axis.
axis_text_space_v NULL Space between vertical axis division text and axis.
axis_ticks_x null Specifies positions of axis tick marks for X-axis.
axis_ticks_y null Specifies positions of axis tick marks for Y-axis.
axis_tightness_x 0 Sets the algorithm used to choose X-axis divisions.
axis_tightness_y 1 Sets the algorithm used to choose Y-axis divisions.
axis_top false Switches the horizontal axis from the bottom of the grid to the top.
axis_zero_y true Allows graph to pick a non-zero value for bottom of Y-axis.
back_colour "rgb(240,240,240)" Background colour of graph, or "none" for transparent background.
back_image NULL Image to use for background , or NULL for none.
back_image_height "100%" Height of background image.
back_image_left 0 Left offset of background image.
back_image_mode "auto" Background image display method.
back_image_opacity NULL Opacity of background image (0.0-1.0)
back_image_top 0 Top offset of background image.
back_image_width "100%" Width of background image.
back_round 0 Radius of rounded background edge.
back_round_clip false If true, adds a clip path to the background rectangle to prevent drawing over the rounded corners.
back_shadow false Enables a shadow for the graph background rectangle.
back_shadow_blur 0 Amount of blurring for the background rectangle shadow.
back_shadow_opacity 0.3 Sets opacity of background rectangle shadow.
back_stroke_colour "rgb(0,0,0)" Colour of background edge.
back_stroke_width 1 Thickness of background edge.
best_fit NULL Enables best-fit lines.
best_fit_above false Depth of best-fit lines.
best_fit_colour "rgb(0,0,0)" Colour of best-fit lines.
best_fit_dash NULL Best-fit lines dash pattern.
best_fit_opacity 1 Opacity of best-fit lines.
best_fit_project NULL Best-fit line projections.
best_fit_project_colour NULL Colour of best-fit line projections.
best_fit_project_dash 4 Dash pattern for best-fit line projections.
best_fit_project_opacity NULL Opacity of best-fit line projections.
best_fit_project_width NULL Thickness of best-fit line projections.
best_fit_range NULL Range for best-fit lines.
best_fit_type NULL Limits type of function used for curved best-fit lines.
best_fit_width 1 Thickness of best-fit lines.
block_position_markers false Positions markers between grid points.
compat_events false Enable inline event handlers.
context_back_colour "#fff" Background colour of context menu.
context_callback null Callback function for context menu.
context_colour "black" Colour of context menu title text and border.
context_document_menu false Enables the browser context menu.
context_font "Arial" Sets the font for the context menu.
context_font_size 15 Font size for context menu.
context_font_weight "normal" Font weight for context menu.
context_global null Sets the global context menu contents.
context_link_colour "#00f" Colour of links on context menu.
context_link_hover_colour "#f00" Colour of context menu link under cursor.
context_link_target "_top" Target for links in context menu.
context_link_underline true Enables or disables underlining context menu links.
context_min_width 60 Sets the minimum width of the context menu.
context_mouseleave 100 Time to leave context menu open after mouse leaves document.
context_padding 3 Padding inside context menu.
context_padding_x null Horizontal padding inside context menu.
context_padding_y null Vertical padding inside context menu.
context_round 0 Radius of rounded context menu corners.
context_shadow_opacity 0.3 Opacity of context menu shadow.
context_spacing 3 Spacing between context menu items.
context_stroke_width 1 Thickness of line around context menu.
crosshairs false Enables Javascript crosshairs.
crosshairs_colour "black" Colour of crosshairs.
crosshairs_colour_h NULL Colour of horizontal crosshair.
crosshairs_colour_v NULL Colour of vertical crosshair.
crosshairs_dash NULL Dash pattern for crosshairs.
crosshairs_dash_h NULL Dash pattern for horizontal crosshair.
crosshairs_dash_v NULL Dash pattern for vertical crosshair.
crosshairs_opacity 1 Opacity of crosshairs.
crosshairs_opacity_h NULL Opacity of horizontal crosshair.
crosshairs_opacity_v NULL Opacity of vertical crosshair.
crosshairs_show_h true Show horizontal crosshair line.
crosshairs_show_text true Show coordinates with crosshairs.
crosshairs_show_v true Show vertical crosshair line.
crosshairs_stroke_width 1 Thickness of crosshairs.
crosshairs_stroke_width_h NULL Thickness of horizontal crosshair.
crosshairs_stroke_width_v NULL Thickness of vertical crosshair.
crosshairs_text_back_colour "#fc0" Colour of coordinates box background.
crosshairs_text_colour "black" Colour of coordinates text.
crosshairs_text_font "Courier" Font for coordinates.
crosshairs_text_font_size 10 Font size for coordinates.
crosshairs_text_font_weight "normal" Font weight for coordinates.
crosshairs_text_padding 1 Padding inside coordinates box.
crosshairs_text_precision_h NULL Horizontal coordinate precision.
crosshairs_text_precision_v NULL Vertical coordinate precision.
crosshairs_text_round 0 Border radius for coordinates box.
crosshairs_text_space 3 Distance between coordinates and crosshairs.
crosshairs_text_stroke_width NULL Thickness of box around coordinates.
data_label_align null Data label text alignment.
data_label_angle 0 Text angle for data labels.
data_label_back_colour NULL Colour of label text border.
data_label_back_colour_outside NULL Alternative label text border colour.
data_label_callback NULL Callback function for data label text.
data_label_click false Enables click-to-show/hide for data labels.
data_label_colour "rgb(0,0,0)" Text colour for data labels.
data_label_colour_outside NULL Alternative text colour for data labels.
data_label_fade_in_speed 0 Fade in speed for data labels.
data_label_fade_out_speed 0 Fade out speed for data labels.
data_label_fill "white" Data label background colour.
data_label_filter NULL Limits the data labels displayed.
data_label_font "Arial" Font used for data labels.
data_label_font_adjust 0.6 Font adjust value for label text.
data_label_font_size 10 Font size for data labels.
data_label_font_weight "normal" Font weight for data labels.
data_label_line_spacing null Sets line spacing for data labels.
data_label_max_count 100 Maximum number of data labels to display.
data_label_min_space 0 Minimum space required for label.
data_label_opacity 1 Sets the opacity of data labels.
data_label_outline_colour "rgb(0,0,0)" Edge colour for data labels.
data_label_outline_thickness 1 Line thickness for data labels.
data_label_padding 3 Space inside data label boxes.
data_label_padding_x NULL Horizontal space in data label box.
data_label_padding_y NULL Vertical space in data label box.
data_label_popfront false Enables pop-to-front for data labels.
data_label_position "top" Position of data label.
data_label_round 0 Radius of data label corners.
data_label_same_size false Determines if all data labels should be the same size.
data_label_shadow_opacity 0.3 Opacity of data label shadows.
data_label_space 3 The space between the label and the data item.
data_label_tail_end "flat" Style of data label tail ending.
data_label_tail_end_angle 45 Angle of data label tail ending.
data_label_tail_end_width 10 Width of data label tail ending.
data_label_tail_length 3 Length of data label tails.
data_label_tail_width 5 Thickness of data label tails.
data_label_type "plain" The style of label to use.
dataset null Specifies the datasets the graph should use.
datetime_key_format NULL This option specifies the date/time format of the data keys, used when the datetime_keys option is enabled. The default value of NULL means that no specific format is in use.
datetime_keys false Parses data keys as date/time values.
datetime_text_format NULL Date format for date/time axis.
datetime_week_start "monday" Week start day for date/time axis.
decimal "." Decimal point character for axis labels, etc.
decimal_digits NULL Number of decimal digits in axis text labels.
decimal_digits_x NULL Number of decimal digits in X axis text labels.
decimal_digits_y NULL Number of decimal digits in Y axis text labels.
description NULL The <desc> content used for the SVG document.
division_colour NULL Colour of axis division marks.
division_colour_h NULL Colour of horizontal axis division marks.
division_colour_v NULL Colour of vertical axis division marks.
division_size 3 Length of division marks.
division_size_h NULL Size of horizontal axis division marks.
division_size_v NULL Size of vertical axis division marks.
division_style "out" Style of axis division marks.
division_style_h NULL Style of horizontal axis division marks.
division_style_v NULL Style of vertical axis division marks.
doctype false When enabled, outputs the SVG doctype declaration at the start of the document.
empty_use true Outputs <use ...></use> instead of <use .../> to work around Safari bug.
encoding "UTF-8" Sets the character encoding in the XML declaration and used throughout SVGGraph.
exception_details false When enabled, some extra details about thrown exceptions are displayed.
exception_throw false When enabled, exceptions are not caught by SVGGraph.
figure null Defines a shape or group of shapes for reuse.
fill_opacity 1 Opacity of filled area.
fill_under false Fills the area under the line.
force_assoc false Treats data keys as strings instead of numbers.
force_block_label_x false Forces block-style labelling for X axis.
graph_subtitle null Sets the sub-title for the graph.
graph_subtitle_colour null Sets the colour of the graph sub-title.
graph_subtitle_font null Sets the font for use by the graph sub-title.
graph_subtitle_font_size 10 Sets the font size for the graph sub-title.
graph_subtitle_font_weight null Sets the font weight for the graph sub-title.
graph_subtitle_line_spacing null Sets line spacing for graph subtitles.
graph_subtitle_space 5 Sets the distance between the graph sub-title and main title.
graph_title "" Title displayed on the graph.
graph_title_colour "black" Colour of graph title text.
graph_title_font "Arial" Font for graph title.
graph_title_font_size 12 Font size for graph title.
graph_title_font_weight "normal" Font weight for graph title.
graph_title_line_spacing null Sets line spacing for graph titles.
graph_title_position "top" Position of graph title.
graph_title_space 10 Spacing around graph title.
grid_back_colour NULL Colour of grid area background.
grid_back_opacity 1 Opacity of grid background fill.
grid_back_stripe false Displays grid background stripes.
grid_back_stripe_colour "rgb(240,240,240)" Colour of grid background stripes.
grid_back_stripe_opacity 1 Opacity of grid background stripes.
grid_bottom NULL Position of bottom of grid.
grid_clip_overlap_x 2 Sets the grid clipping overlap to the left and right sides.
grid_clip_overlap_y 10 Sets the grid clipping overlap above and below the grid area.
grid_colour "rgb(220,220,220)" Colour of grid lines.
grid_colour_h NULL Colour of vertical grid lines.
grid_colour_v NULL Colour of horizontal grid lines.
grid_dash NULL Grid lines dash pattern.
grid_dash_h NULL Grid vertical lines dash pattern.
grid_dash_v NULL Grid horizontal lines dash pattern.
grid_division_h NULL Division interval on horizontal axis.
grid_division_v NULL Division interval on vertical axis.
grid_left NULL Position of left side of grid.
grid_right NULL Position of right side of grid.
grid_stroke_width 1 Sets the thickness of grid lines.
grid_stroke_width_h null Sets the thickness of grid lines drawn from the horizontal axis.
grid_stroke_width_v null Sets the thickness of grid lines drawn from the vertical axis.
grid_subdivision_colour "rgba(220,220,220,0.5)" Colour of grid subdivision lines.
grid_subdivision_colour_h NULL Colour of vertical grid subdivision lines.
grid_subdivision_colour_v NULL Colour of horizontal grid subdivision lines.
grid_subdivision_dash NULL Grid subdivision lines dash pattern.
grid_subdivision_dash_h NULL Grid vertical subdivision lines dash pattern.
grid_subdivision_dash_v NULL Grid horizontal subdivision lines dash pattern.
grid_subdivision_stroke_width null Sets the thickness of grid subdivision lines.
grid_subdivision_stroke_width_h null Sets the thickness of vertical grid subdivision lines.
grid_subdivision_stroke_width_v null Sets the thickness of horizontal grid subdivision lines.
grid_top NULL Position of top of grid.
guideline NULL Adds guide/target lines to the graph.
guideline_above false Relative depth of guide lines.
guideline_colour "rgb(0,0,0)" Colour of guide lines.
guideline_dash "4,3" Guide line dash pattern.
guideline_font "Arial" Font for guide line titles.
guideline_font_adjust 0.6 Guide line title font adjustment.
guideline_font_size 10 Guide line title font size.
guideline_font_weight "normal" Guide line title font weight.
guideline_length NULL Length of guideline in pixels.
guideline_length_units NULL Length of guide line in graph units.
guideline_line_spacing null Sets line spacing for guideline text.
guideline_opacity 1 Opacity of guide line.
guideline_stroke_width 1 Width of guide lines.
guideline_text_align NULL Alignment of guide line title text.
guideline_text_angle 0 Angle of guide line title text.
guideline_text_colour NULL Colour of guide line title.
guideline_text_opacity NULL Opacity of guide line title.
guideline_text_padding 5 Space between guide line and title.
guideline_text_position "inside top right" Position of guide line text label.
id_prefix "" Inserts a prefix string in front of all generated element ids.
label NULL Adds custom labels to the graph.
label_colour "rgb(0,0,0)" Colour for axis label text.
label_colour_h NULL Colour for horizontal axis label text.
label_colour_v NULL Colour for vertical axis label text.
label_font "Arial" Font for axis labels.
label_font_h NULL Font for horizontal axis label.
label_font_size 10 Font size for axis labels.
label_font_size_h NULL Font size for horizontal axis label.
label_font_size_v NULL Font size for vertical axis label.
label_font_v NULL Font for vertical axis label.
label_font_weight "normal" Font weight for axis labels.
label_font_weight_h NULL Font weight for horizontal axis label.
label_font_weight_v NULL Font weight for vertical axis label.
label_h "" Text label for horizontal axis.
label_line_spacing null Sets line spacing for axis labels.
label_line_spacing_h null Sets line spacing for label on horizontal axis.
label_line_spacing_v null Sets line spacing for label on vertical axis.
label_space 6 Spacing around axis labels.
label_v "" Text label for vertical axis.
label_x "" Text label for X axis.
label_y "" Text label for Y axis.
legend_autohide false Makes the legend hide when the cursor is over it.
legend_autohide_opacity 0 Opacity of legend when hidden.
legend_back_colour "white" Colour of legend background.
legend_colour "black" Colour of legend entries text.
legend_column_spacing null Spacing between legend columns.
legend_columns 1 Number of columns in which to display entries.
legend_draggable true Makes the legend draggable with the mouse.
legend_entries NULL Array of entries for the legend.
legend_entries_callback null Allows modification of legend entries.
legend_entry_height 20 Height of legend entry box.
legend_entry_spacing null Spacing between legend entry text and shape.
legend_entry_width 20 Width of legend entry box.
legend_font "Arial" Font for legend entries.
legend_font_adjust 0.6 Ratio of font width to height.
legend_font_size 10 Font size for legend entries.
legend_font_weight "normal" Font weight for legend entries.
legend_line_spacing null Sets line spacing for legend entries.
legend_order "auto" Sets the order that entries appear in the legend.
legend_padding 5 Amount of spacing between entries in legend.
legend_padding_x null Sets padding at left and right sides of legend.
legend_padding_y null Sets padding at top and bottom of legend.
legend_position "top right" Position of the legend.
legend_round 0 Radius of rounded corners for legend border.
legend_shadow_opacity 0.3 Darkness of shadow.
legend_show_empty false Set to true to display legend entries for 0 or NULL values.
legend_spacing null Spacing between legend entries.
legend_stroke_colour "black" Colour of legend border.
legend_stroke_width 1 Thickness of legend border.
legend_text_side "right" Side on which to put entry text.
legend_title "" Title for legend.
legend_title_colour NULL Colour of legend title.
legend_title_font NULL Font for legend title.
legend_title_font_adjust NULL Ratio of font width to height.
legend_title_font_size NULL Font size for legend title.
legend_title_font_weight "bold" Font weight for legend title.
legend_title_line_spacing null Sets line spacing for legend titles.
legend_title_link null Sets a link for the legend title.
legend_title_spacing null Spacing between legend title and entries.
legend_type "all" Which data should have legend entries.
legend_unique_fields false Prevents duplicate legend entries.
limit_text_angle true Limits the angle of axis text to between -90° and +90°.
line_curve 0 Enables curved lines on line and radar graphs.
line_dash NULL Dash pattern for graph lines.
line_stroke_width 2 Thickness of graph lines.
link_base "" Prepended to all relative links.
link_target "_blank" The target attribute for every link.
magnify 0 Enables Javascript magnifier and sets magnification.
magnify_pan 3 Sets the magnification panning sensitivity.
marker_angle 0 Sets a rotation angle for the markers.
marker_colour NULL Colour of markers.
marker_opacity 1 Sets the opacity of the markers.
marker_size 5 Size of markers.
marker_solid true Disables use of patterns and gradients in markers.
marker_stroke_colour NULL Colour of marker outlines.
marker_stroke_width 1 Thickness of marker outlines.
marker_type "circle" Shape of markers.
minify true Removes extra whitespace from SVG content.
minify_js NULL Minifies Javascript code.
minimum_grid_spacing 15 Minimum distance between grid/axis divisions.
minimum_grid_spacing_h NULL Minimum distance between horizontal axis divisions.
minimum_grid_spacing_v NULL Minimum distance between vertical axis divisions.
minimum_subdivision 5 Minimum distance between subdivisions.
minimum_units_y 0 Minimum units to display on Y axis.
namespace false When enabled, adds the svg: namespace prefix to all elements.
no_font_metrics false Disables use of font metrics files for measuring text.
no_tspan false Outputs multiple <text> elements instead of <text> and <tspan> elements for multi-line text.
pad_bottom 10 Space at bottom of graph.
pad_left 10 Space to left of graph.
pad_right 10 Space to right of graph.
pad_top 10 Space at top of graph.
precision 5 Sets the precision of values output in the SVG content.
semantic_classes false Adds classes to various elements.
shadow_blur 3 Amount of blurring of graph shadow.
shadow_offset_x 5 Horizontal offset of graph shadow.
shadow_offset_y 5 Vertical offset of graph shadow.
shadow_opacity 0.5 Opacity of graph shadow.
shape NULL Adds custom shapes to the graph.
show_average false Enables calculation and display of average lines.
show_axes true Enables axis display.
show_axis_h true Enables horizontal axis line.
show_axis_text_h true Enables labelling of horizontal axis divisions.
show_axis_text_v true Enables labelling of vertical axis divisions.
show_axis_v true Enables vertical axis line.
show_context_menu false Enables context menu.
show_data_labels false Displays labels for data items.
show_divisions true Enables axis division marks.
show_grid true Disables displaying grid.
show_grid_h true Disables displaying horizontal grid lines.
show_grid_subdivisions false Enables displaying grid subdivisions.
show_grid_v true Disables displaying vertical grid lines.
show_legend true Enables displaying the legend.
show_shadow false Enables shadow effect beneath graph.
show_subdivisions false Enables axis subdivision marks.
show_tooltips true Enables display of tooltips over bars, pie slices, markers.
structure NULL Sets the structure for use with structured data.
structured_data false Enables structured data values support.
subdivision_colour NULL Colour of axis subdivision marks.
subdivision_colour_h NULL Colour of horizontal axis subdivision marks.
subdivision_colour_v NULL Colour of vertical axis subdivision marks.
subdivision_h NULL Horizontal axis subdivision interval.
subdivision_size 2 Length of axis subdivision marks.
subdivision_size_h NULL Length of horizontal axis subdivision marks.
subdivision_size_v NULL Length of vertical axis subdivision marks.
subdivision_style "out" Style of axis subdivision marks.
subdivision_style_h NULL Style of horizontal axis subdivision marks.
subdivision_style_v NULL Style of vertical axis subdivision marks.
subdivision_v NULL Vertical axis subdivision interval.
svg_class NULL Class name for root SVG element, NULL for none.
thousands "," Thousands separator for axis labels, etc.
title NULL The <title> content used for the SVG document.
tooltip_align null Tooltip text alignment.
tooltip_back_colour "#ffffcc" Tooltip rectangle background colour.
tooltip_callback NULL Callback function for formatting tooltip text.
tooltip_colour "black" Tooltip text/border colour.
tooltip_datetime_format "Y-m-d H:i:s" Date format for date/time keys in tooltips.
tooltip_font "Arial" Font for tooltips.
tooltip_font_size 10 Tooltip font size.
tooltip_font_weight "normal" Tooltip font weight.
tooltip_line_spacing null Sets line spacing for tooltips.
tooltip_offset 10 Distance between cursor and tooltip.
tooltip_padding 3 Tooltip rectangle padding.
tooltip_round 0 Radius of rounded tooltip corner.
tooltip_shadow_opacity 0.3 Opacity of tooltip shadow.
tooltip_stroke_colour null Sets colour of border around tooltip.
tooltip_stroke_width 1 Tooltip border thickness.
units_before_label NULL String to display before value in data labels.
units_before_tooltip NULL Units shown before value on tooltip.
units_before_tooltip_key NULL Units shown before key (X value) on tooltip.
units_before_x NULL Units shown before value on X-axis.
units_before_y NULL Units shown before value on Y-axis.
units_label NULL String to display after value in data labels.
units_tooltip NULL Units shown after value on tooltip.
units_tooltip_key NULL Units shown after key (X value) on tooltip.
units_x NULL Units shown after value on X-axis.
units_y NULL Units shown after value on Y-axis.
use_iconv true Enables use of iconv extension for character set conversion.
use_mbstring true Enables use of mbstring extension for character set conversion.

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