JPEG Saver 5.26.1


Just two days after the release of 5.26, here's 5.26.1. This one fixes a crash.

Database weirdness

Obviously this bug didn't cause any crashes while I was doing my testing, but it was found pretty quickly by one user because it made JPEG Saver crash just after startup.

The problem might not affect many people because it was triggered by JPEG Saver failing to open its database on the first attempt, but succeeding on subsequent attempts. I'm hoping not many users will be in that situation, because it implies a configuration problem elsewhere.

Why the crash now though? Because the new sorting function has to be attached to the database every time it is opened, and that wasn't happening. When JPEG Saver tried to use the sort function later on it wasn't there and things went bang.


The installers are on the downloads page.

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