JPEG Saver 5.24


Here is yet another JPEG Saver release, coming out now because it has a couple of bugs fixed and a couple of useful extra features added too.

Windows are the eyes to the soul - wait, that's not right

The main new thing is this version is a command-line option. Oh, that's not very exciting, is it? Well, it's a command-line option that lets you run JPEG Saver in a fixed window that stays open until you close it, not like a screensaver at all. You will find a description and some examples on the command line options page.

I initially added it to help me with some testing, but I think it might be useful for anyone wanting to display a slideshow or some kind of presentation, especially on a second screen.

Background check

If the windowed mode doesn't interest you, I have also added a new background mode that fills each of the four quarters of the screen with the average colour of that quarter of the image.

On top of that there is now an alternative algorithm for calculating the average colour that uses the saturation and brightness of the image to make the end result a bit less likely to end up a dull brown. To use it, select the “V2” variant of the background - the old method is still there as “V1”.

Anything else?

I have added a “Video only” filter preset for anyone who just wants to see videos, and fixed these bugs:

That last one was very confusing, and I think I caused the original corruption while debugging so I doubt if anyone apart from me would have experienced it.

The downloads page

The new version is available from the downloads page.

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