SVGGraph 3.17


Version 3.17 of SVGGraph is a small update with three new options and a couple of bugs fixed. Nothing Gantt-related this time.

Spread out

Here is an example multi-line graph to demonstrate the new options.

Tighter X-axis, aligned text

The first new option probably isn't obvious from the example, but its name is axis_tightness_x. There was already a axis_tightness_y for allowing more space between the data and the axis end, the X-axis version is for removing space between the values and the end of the axis. In the example above the final X-axis value is 41, but the last division is at 40 - without the axis_tightness_x option set to 0 this axis would end at 50 and leave a data-free gap at the end.

The next new option is for aligning multi-line data label text, called data_label_align, and the other option is tooltip_align which does the same thing for tooltips. For this example they are both left-aligned, but the option allows you to choose left, centre or right alignment.

Those bugs I mentioned

The first bug fixed in this version is related to filtered data labels. If your filter is set to “none”, you should still see labels that come from structured data fields, but this wasn't working and the labels were not showing up.

The other bug occurred when using the axis_ticks_x option with bar graphs - the last bar would not be shown if the ticks ran out first.

This is it

The new version of SVGGraph is available from the downloads page, or from GitHub / Packagist with Composer.

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