JPEG Saver 5.21


It's time for another new version of JPEG Saver, later than I had hoped and with less in it. There's a pretty important bug fixed though, so I didn't want to wait until I had got more done.

What bug?

I'll admit that I didn't notice it for quite a while, but the buttons that choose the image position and the radio buttons that set up the colour management options were not working - they were not loading or saving their settings properly. So that's the bug that I have fixed in this version.

Another thing that I would call a bug is that using a navigation function while an image was loading would wait for the image to load before doing anything. That meant that if an image was loading really slowly and you pressed the right arrow to load the next image, the first image would load to completion and then get thrown away while the next image loaded. So that's fixed too.

Some new stuff

The actual changes in this version go some way towards making images load faster. There is a new option in the “More controls” dialog that sets the maximum file cache size - JPEG Saver now has a file cache for the most recently loaded images to make loading them again a lot faster.

This will mainly improve the performance of navigating backwards and forwards through the images that have just been shown, but it also helps with multiple-monitor setups displaying the same or previous image.

My plan for the next version is to load the next image into the cache while the current image is being displayed, which should improve performance a bit. Hopefully.

This is also the first version of JPEG Saver that I have built using Visual Studio 2022 instead of 2019. I don't expect this to cause any problems, but if you spot any new bugs (or even old bugs that I might not know about) please let me know.


JPEG Saver 5.21 is available from the downloads page.

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